The History of Immortal Productions

Immortal Productions, aka Danny Marogy (DJ Floyd) and Charlie Warren (DJ WOF)
Immortal Productions, aka Danny Marogy (DJ Floyd) and Charlie Warren (DJ WOF)

Manila’s nightlife just got brighter with the advent of Immortal Productions’ GLO at Amber Ultralounge. Formed in 2004 by Danny Marogy and Charlie Warren, Immortal Productions has played a steady stream of clubs, late night after-parties, and warehouse raves all over the UK. Although best known as DJs Floyd and WOF in London’s trendy and fashionable East End, Marogy and Warren made the decision to pack up shop and move to Manila.

“We heard of the tremendous potential that Manila nightlife had to offer,” explained Warren. “Having had a fair amount of success in London and around the UK, we thought it was time for something different.”

In 2009, Manila-based DJ Christina “Ms. Badkiss” Bartges joined the lads of Immortal Productions. Aside from considerable modelling and design experience, Bartges commands a formidable following amongst Manila party-goers.

“GLOW is Immortal Productions’ opportunity to bring the London sound and style to a vibrant Asian audience,” enthused Marogy. “We’re also putting a local flavour into our mixes; bringing something fresh, innovative, and exciting to the Manila scene.”

Musical accompaniment for the night will be by DJs  Badkiss, Floyd and WOF, marking a smooth fusion of British-European techno and house combined with elements of dance-floor electro and synth-pop. Influenced by such industry greats as Giorgio Moroder, Erol Alkan, Alex Smoke, and record labels such as Warp and Kompakt, DJs Floyd and WOF are a welcome addition to the Manila nightscape.

Immortal Productions have just launched their new weekly event, AMBER GLO, to be held every Monday  @ Amber UltraLounge, The Fort Strip, Fort Bonafacio, Metro Manila.

PS. In case you were wondering where our name came from, here is the answer! One of our most-listened to Italo Disco tracks, all the way from 1979! The future of music began HERE!


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